Do You Lose Hair In The Shower? Don’t Panic – Here’s Why…

Well don’t panic if you’re losing your hair and find out a serious amount of hair at the bottom of the drain after shower. The first though is that “Oh my gosh I’m going to be bald” and you are a little scared!

According to the experts this is totally normal. Although, there is a hair cycle, between phases of growth and resting stage, Typically, we will lose about 50 to 100 hairs a day, depending on genetics. And on days when you’re giving your hair a good scrub, that number is going to be even higher.

So, why do some people lose more hair than others? Well, it all depends if you have curly or straight hair…

However, if you have sleek, straight hair, it is, the more you will notice the loss because the length makes it look more in the brush or on the floor as they will fall vertically.

If you notice more hair you lose than normal. You can consult a dermatologist and they can tell you what’s going on.

Source: auntyacid


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