Filipino Doctor Discover Solution That Can Cure Diabetes in Just 5 Minutes

According to the International Diabetes Federation, Philippines is one of the world’s developing diabetes hotspot, and more than 4 million Filipinos were diagnosed with the disease.

Diabetes is the biggest single cause of amputation, blindness, stroke and end stage kidney failure.

More than half of all deaths from diabetes result from cardiovascular disease including stroke and heart attack.

Despite of thousands of researches conducted all over the world, there was a Filipino doctor who conduct his own study to kill this disease. He is Dr. Jaime Dy-Liacco, 82 years old, doctor of Metabolic Medicine. He discovered a very effective way to treat the disease in less than 5 minutes.

According to him, after taking the formulation you can already eat any sweet foods no matter how much you like since sweets are not the main reason why people develop the conditions but due to mineral deficiency in our body.

12 pieces Native chilli pepper [siling labuyo]
2 pieces Raw eggs
½ Teaspoon sea salt
Cut and grind the chilli  peppers
Combine the peppers with raw egg
Add ½ spoon of tea salt
Time to drink the formula 

Jaime E. Dy-Liacco, DMM is doctor degree from College of Metabolic Medicine in Kansas USA 2001. He is a graduate of the Colegio de Sta Isabel 1943,  Ateneo de Naga 1950, Ateneo de Manila 1952 and Northwestern University in Illinois, USA 1957. In 2015 he was awarded by  “BRAVO FILIPINO’ a monthly magazine as one of the brightest Filipino Doctor.

Source: YouTube


  1. once ur tongue are burnt badly... u will forget that u got diabetes...

  2. Maybe it will cure your diabetes but you will have almoranas instead.

  3. Condemnation is not the best, do your own research on the recipes and let us know

  4. Can someone repeat those Minerals and the Eggs process.

  5. i think if u take this ingredients, it is bad for people who have suffer an almoranas...

  6. Can anyone explain to me what is call native chilli pepper in Malaysia or can show me the photo?

    1. You can google labuyo chilli to see images.

  7. You can take the chili soaked in olive oil to avoid the pungent taste.

  8. thanks to my friend who contacted me to a herbalist doctor who cured my diabetes,i have suffered diabetes for more than ten years now.he introduced me to a herbal doctor who i explain all my problems to and he promised to cure me,he said that he will prepare his herbal mixture and send to,in less than 3 days i received the herbs in my country and start taking it according to the prescription writing i did as he said after 2 weeks he called me to go and check up in a hospital and the doctor confirmed that my sugar level is now ok that am diabetes case if you need his services you can contact him in his email.

  9. I will try it and will let you guys know.

  10. 1. Kindly Ensure the Insulin Load does not exceed 100gm/Day..(LCHF Diet)
    2. Use P-Insulin capsules 2 in morning / 2 in night
    3. Eating smaller meals (5 times a day) and progressively snacking throughout the day can make her blood sugar easier to monitor and prevent levels from peaking.
    4. every day swimming , biking, yoga, gentle jogging and rest for a day or two should help her a lot
    5. exercise or any form of physical activity should not exceed 200 calories of expenditure...
    6. Strength Training can be addressed and as of now we can focus on felxibility to strengthen endocrine glands....
    7. let her take oil bath once a week and drink hot water all the time and make her that she is not getting sick....otherwise but systemic metabolism will focus on immunity and fail to regulate insulin
    8. 5 minutes of sirasasana and 5 minutes of sarvangasana are must ...daily (mostly)..use appropriate tool..

  11. Chill pepper, 2 eggs &sea salt works for me but I don't know how many times do I take a day and for how many days

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